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    Kuzey Irak - Süleymaniye Spor Salonu
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    Erciyes Üniversitesi - Kayseri Kapalı yüzme
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    İstanbul Northern Naval Area Command Restoration

     Saha Komtutanlığı Resterasyonu 

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    Erzincan 3.Corps Storage Hangar
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    Afyon Kocatepe Ünv. Besyo Sport Hall

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  • Space Frame Systems

    Space framesystems non-different from other systems in the same plane as they could impact node points of the bars. Therefore, the load transfer rods are exposed to only pull and push forces. America and Europe since the 1940s has a very wide area of this system can be used
    The design will be clarified only or two-way big openings. Depending on the architectural design of static or pyramid, spherical, cylindrical or multi-storey..
    Space lattice systems non-different from other systems in the same plane as the bars are node points impact stiffness
    Therefore, the load transfer rods are exposed to only pull and push forces.

  • Advantages

    The other is a lightweight and prefabricated systems. Therefore, the distances can be easily portable. Installation can be done in a very complicated place with lighter elements. Three big openings for small size light weight is height it is possible to pass with. Manufacture and Assembly due to the very few in terms of different elements provides great convenience. Openness increases, scissors system cost falls. Through the air conditioning system, ventilation ducts, electrical ducts and electrical installations can be easily passed. Space System on all kinds of roofing and indoors it can easily be applied to the suspended ceiling

  • Area Of Usage

    DReservoirs, swimming pools, sports halls, petrol stations
    Industrial Facilities, Factories, Tribunes, Exhibition Halls Stands Aircraft Hangars, The Fair Showcases, Cinemas, Market Places

  • Rods and Cones

    Rods are tapered at both ends of the pipe parts originates. The ability to become low-carbon, resource, high pipes, manufactured according to DIN 17100. St-33-1, St-37 or St-52. The two ends of the pipes welding cone will provide sufficient strength of materials suited to the pipe material quality in design

  • Bolts, nuts and Washers

    Bolts DIN 13 ' e is the appropriate ISO gear. ACCORDING to DIN 267 is suitable to the conditions. Bolts, nuts and pins used for materials and their mechanical properties are given below.
    Bolt 8.8 quality, min. tensile strength 64 kg/mm 2 Max. Tensile strength of 80 kg/mm2 Tensile bolt 10.9 quality Min Dayanımı80 kg/mm2 Max. tensile strength 100 mm2 Nut 9 Smn28 min. tensile strength 64 kg/mm2 Max. Tensile dayanımı50 kg/mm2 Pim 8.8 quality min. tensile strength 64 Kg/mm2 Max. tensile strength of 80 kg/mm2

  • Mesnetler

    Bearing elements in accordance with the project's full fixed bearing, sliding bearing in one direction and double direction sliding bearing are formed as well. Bearings steel constructions welded or bolt on a turnkey basis and in accordance with the current specifications in connection is made.

  • Protection Against Corrosion

    Unlike a demand or bolt, ball nut 25 micron if the request can be made from chrome-plated electro-coated. Pipes Lovers racks and Mertekler zinc phosphate onto polyester powder paint electro-plated zinc phosphate on epoxpolyster powder paint.

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